Muskoka – "The Malibu of the North"
Eleanor Island
Taboo Resort
PRINT IT Chancery Regatta Chart
Satellite map of the area

7th Chancery Regatta, 7th pin button
(thanks again to SixCentPress)

in vain attempt to catch some wind...

On start by the Eleanor Island -
apparently, sailboats without a motor did not make it...

"Sorry but got a third of the way there
and absolutely no wind..."

Planes were not allowed...

looks like at Taboo
sailing is not extremely trendy now

traditional Champaign on finish

1st place Beverlie and Charlie (fast car, though)
2nd place Lena and Davina (slow drivers)
3rd place Peter (at the bow)
4th place Brian and Kathy (on cockpit)
5th place Paul (aft)

Lunch together in Taboo at Boathouse Bar & Grill

Our best wishes to captain Bill,
veteran of the Chancery Regatta,
for his sooner recovery –
we miss you and hope to sail together next year
(photo - 2009 Chancery Regatta)

Paul & Lena,
Founders of Chancery Regatta,
Chancery Art Gallery and Private Counseling Associates
invite sailors to 2016 annual Chancery Regatta
on Saturday, July 9
for promotion of "green philosophy" via
"Sailing, Art & Sanity"