Muskoka – "The Malibu of the North"
Eleanor Island
Taboo Resort
PRINT IT Chancery Regatta Chart
Satellite map of the area

9th Chancery Regatta, 9th pin button
(thanks again to SixCentPress)

Veterans on the left

New sailors on the right

Finish at TABOO

Motors are still useful...

Although Chancery Regatta is non-competative,
here are the favorites of 2017 race

Champagne ready

Champagne on the dock


17 sailors and friends -
lunch together in TABOO at
Boathouse Bar & Grill

perhaps educational...

apparently intriguing...

and just delish...

Going home

9 pins of annual Chancery Regatta since 2009

Paul & Lena,
f ounders of the Chancery Regatta,
Chancery Art Gallery and Private Counseling Associates
invite sailors to 2018 annual Chancery Regatta
on Saturday, July 7
for promotion of "green philosophy" via
"Sailing, Art & Sanity"