Registration for Chancery Regatta is not mandatory –
you may simply appear there and follow the Program.
However, it is encouraged. When registered,

• you will be promptly informed of the Regatta updates
• receive in advance the Regatta’s printed announcement postcards
• each member of your crew will get a special sailor's bandana
and original pin button to distinguish them as the
yachtsmen/women during the following Sailboat Show
• the registration will help to find for you a right
draft-appropriate spot on the docks and
• secure your reservation for the after-regatta lunch

Thus, if you have a sailboat and want to join the Chancery Regatta
in promotion of sailing as an aspect of green philosophy,
fill out the FORM below and press SUBMIT


Chancery Regatta 2018
Saturday, July 7, at noon
Lake Muskoka, ON, Canada

Yes, I wish to sail my yacht at Chancery Regatta

I know where the Eleanor Island is located
I realise that no landing on the island is allowed
I saw the chart and understand the direction

I normally sail on (lake, sea, etc)

Name of my sailboat is
Her model is built in
She is about long
She needs minimum depth of water
Colour of her hall is
She has number on her sail
She will wear flag

It will be sailors on board all together
Among them under 19 years old
The top of the crew has years of sailing

On finish in Taboo friends will meet us
Reservation for lunch is needed for
Yes, we will not forget to bring Champagne...

July 31 at 5 PM
annual gathering at Chancery Art Gallery
n memory of the Black Tot Day
I plan to join