Coming About '17

annual group exhibition
on the sailing matter



• To be considered for 2017 show the artist shall submit to the gallery digital images of his/her available artwork with any sort of “sails,” sailboats, sea...

• The following data should be included for each art work: (a) title, (b) year, (c) medium, (d) size, (e) information about the artist, (f) suggested retail price

• Suggested retail price is expected to be THE SAME as in your private studio

• Commission 50%

• Submission methods: CD, or flash drive, web links or e-mail attachment under 500 KB

• Non-exclusive representation for this exhibition. However, we encourage you to double check your current Contracts with art galleries in Muskoka (if any) regarding the exclusivity of your local representation

• Deadline for submission: 2017, June 24

* * *

If you have a sailboat
and support the "green tack" -
join Chancery Regatta on July 8, 2017