during July 2009, in Muskoka

As a participant, I would like to ...
(check applicable boxes)

July 4 "Coming About" exhibition opening reception
exhibit my "sails" painting(s)
show photo slides (CD) of my sailing cruises
show a film (DVD) about my sailing fun
sing songs about sails, wind, pirates, etc
other (specify below)

July 11 Chancery Regatta
sail my sailboat at the Regatta

July 18 Gathering with Sailors
advertise my sailboat(s) for sale
offer books on sailboats for sale
promote services of my marina
promote a yacht club
promote my private sailing lessons
promote my private sailing cruises
other (specify below)

July 1 - 31 Chancery Sailing Festival month
promote my organic farm products
promote my organic meat/fish products
promote "green" aspects of my business
present a book on "green" issues
present a documentary film
present an animation film
(specify below)

As a guest, I plan to visit...
(check applicable boxes)

fine art exhibition "Coming About" in July
exhibition reception on July 4
sailboat show at Taboo resort, July 11
gathering with sailors, July 18
other (specify below)