Lake Muskoka, Ontario, CANADA
Annual sailing Regatta and Yacht Show
with intention to

• raise awareness of green navigation practices
• encourage environmentally friendly boating
• promote sailing as "ecological psychotherapy"
• persuade Sailing, Art & Sanity
• have fun on Saturday afternoon in July
..on beautiful lake Muskoka -
..sail and have lunch together



Message from co-founder –
Private Counseling Associates:

Although reduction of symptoms is the goal of all kinds of therapy, the means in various paradigms differ. Thus, in psychoanalysis, the ultimate aim is to assist the patient in reaching a state of mind that Freud called
Respect of Reality.”

Consequently, as preferable modality of mental treatment, Freud considered not use of medication (even cocaine…), not “working on relations,” and not even psychoanalysis per se, but engagement in a meaningful activity in the Real World

Among activities of this sort, sailing seems to be one of the most pure forms of facing the Reality – in context of simple and uncompromising physics of the Wind, Sail, and Waive

Via our annual Chancery Regatta with con current art show on the sailing matter in our Chancery Art Gallery, we promote sailing as a worthy-to-consider alternative to chip Prozac and expansive therapy.